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Note: I do not own any rights to the music in this video.

Feed those without shelter in NYC

Feed those without Shelter in NYC is an initiative to support those who are experiencing hunger and/or wildly affected by this pandemic, including those who find themselves homeless or without shelter, in my hometown, Southside Jamaica, Queens. By giving out meals, I hope that together, we, can make someone’s day a little brighter and load a little lighter. Thank you for sharing and/or contributing.

Click on the video to see  footage from this year's food distribution.

Carmin & Aye's Annual Prom Giveaway



Aye B. Diallo

Growing up in a household where her parents were Guinean immigrants, who would later apply for an American citizenship, Aye became the only first-generation American amongst her two siblings. She entered Howard University as a Gates Millennium Scholar, and earned two bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Economics, respectively, from Howard University. Her love for international relations grew in college when she studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and San Jose, Costa Rica. Since COVID-19, Diallo has return backed to her hometown, Atlanta, Georgia, where she facilitates fundraisers in the local Guinean community. 

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Kyrii Bluiett 2.jpg

2018 Recipient

Kyrii Bluiett

St. Louis, Missouri

Wong met Kyrii Bluiett in 2017, while she and Aye visited (STL) St. Louis for a service project. Wong and Bluiett 's friendship formed easily, as Wong led social justice workshops at Bluiett's high school. Before leaving STL to return to school, Bluiett asked Wong if she would promise to help her pick a prom dress the following year. In 2018, when Kyrii became a senior in high school, she changed schools and living environments. No longer sure about the possibility of going to prom, she confided in Wong over the phone. Wong's best friend, Diallo, considered the idea that they could reach out to their support system to help Bluiett go to prom.Together, Wong and Diallo collected dresses and monetary donations to successfully send Bluiett to her prom.

    Emmy Delormes 4.png

    2019 Recipient

    Emmy Delormes

    Brooklyn, New York

    "CA Prom Giveaway has assisted me tremendously throughout the Prom process. I have a sister and a brother. Both of which graduated with me this year. One from middle school, and one from high school--my twin...  It placed a large financial burden on my mom who is a single mother. Because of this giveaway, I didn't have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on a dress. They even paid for my shoes, hair, nails and makeup. 

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      Carmin Wong

      Carmin's fervor for helping marginalized peoples stem from her own experiences growing up South Jamaica, Queens. Born in Georgetown, Guyana, Wong immigrated with her family to the United States as a child. She is a first-generation Caribbean-American and first-generation college graduate in her family. Carmin has studied in London, England; Paris, France; Rome, Italy, and plans to continue her research abroad in the Caribbean.  She spends her time advocating for racial and educational equity worldwide. 

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      Ketiera Cottrell 2.jpeg

      2019 Recipient

      Ketiera Cottrell 

      Atlanta, Georgia

      "Without this opportunity I wouldn’t probably be able to attend my senior prom due to financial issues going in with my family. From my parents working to pay bills... It’s really been crazy for me these last couple months. I want to say thank you again because you guys really inspired me and made my day a success.."

        Donations of gently-used prom attire, discount offers, and cosmetology services are welcomed all-year round.

        Contact for more information or click here.

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