Carmin Wong is an incoming MA/PhD student at Pennsylvania State University, where she is pursuing a dual-title PhD in  English and African American studies. Currently, her research focuses on the cultural and linguistic aesthetics of performance-based poetry in the Caribbean and U.S., namely the intersections of Jamaican Dub Poetry and U.S. Slam Poetry.


Wong's MFA thesis, Language of Empire, received university honors diction, and was described as a "love letter to Black womxn."

Additionally, Wong's scholarly papers have been accepted for presentation at the (CSA) Caribbean Studies Association [2020], (CLA) College Language Association [2020], (GCACWT) Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers [2019], and  (RAMP) Research Association of Minority Professors [2019]. Her presentation, "Blackness, Literature, and Sustainability: Disassembling Colonialism in a Postcolonial Society" was awarded first place prize at RAMP.


She is a co-author of the research paper, "Higher Learning Community Response & Support Amid COVID-19," published in About Campus [2020].